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Basic Registration Requirements

A checklist of what you need to perform a registration in PPRS.

1. ACOL PPRS client account

You or your organization need an ACOL client account in order use PPRS online.  When you sign up for an ACOL client account, you will make arrangements to pay for your transactions, and you will request one or more user IDs be created for your use.

2. Valid user ID and password

You need a valid user ID and password in order to login to PPRS.

  •     If you don't have a user ID or password: Add a user
  •     If you have a user ID and password, but can't login: Login help

3. Registration access privileges

After you login to PPRS, you will see the PPRS Main Page. The PPRS Main Page will display PPRS menu items.  If you do not see the Registration menu items, then your user ID has not been configured with registration access privileges.  You must either login with a different user ID or request a change to your access privileges.

4. Province or Territory access privileges

When you select any registration menu item, PPRS will display a list of jurisdictions (provinces and territories) where you are allowed to perform a registration.  If you see the desired jurisdiction in your list, then you are able to perform a registration in that jurisdiction.  If you do not see a desired jurisdiction in your list, it means that your ACOL client account has not been setup with access to that Province or Territory.

5. PPR Client Information for the province or territory

Before anyone in your organization can complete a registration in a province or territory, you must have created your PPR Client Information for that province or territory.  In order to check to see if your PPR Client Information has been created, use the View PPR Client Information function from the PPRS Main Menu.

If you do not have PPR Client Information, it must be created by your PPR Administrative User.  The PPR Administrative User is a designated user within your ACOL client account.  Only the PPR Administrative User has access to the Create PPR Client Information menu item.