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PPR News
Newfoundland and Labrador


Issue 3   December 1999

This issue of the PPR News for Newfoundland and Labrador confirms the effective date of the new PPSA legislation for Newfoundland and Labrador. It also discusses some of the activities leading up to this important date for those who are new to the electronic PPR and for current ACOL clients.

NF PPR Live Date

On Thursday, November 25, 1999 Ernie McLean, Minister of Government Services and Lands, said that the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will proclaim the new Personal Property Security Act onDecember 13, 1999, and it will become effective on that date.

The new legislation, which is similar to the current legislation in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, will change the way secured interests in personal property are registered. This means that documents received at the registry on or after December 13, 1999 that are based upon repealed legislation will be returned to the sender.

There will be three types of registrations in the Newfoundland and Labrador Personal Property Registry (NF PPR) which include 1) a PPSA Financing Statement, 2) a Notice of Appointment of Receiver and 3) a Family Law Act Notice of Order or Domestic Contract. All three registrations must be entered on line in the new electronic Personal Property Registry (PPR). Priority of the Secured Party's interest is established at the time of registration. Documents registered in the old system will retain their priority status for a maximum of two years. If their expiry date is beyond two years, they must be re-registered in the new Personal Property Registry within the two-year period.

Access to the New NF PPR

Access to the new PPR in Newfoundland and Labrador will be through Atlantic Canada On-Line.* This service allows you to connect from your home or office personal computer. While it is expected that most transactions will be completed remotely, access terminals will be available at the registry office in St. John's for your convenience. You must have an ACOL Client Account and User ID to access the system. To obtain your client account and user ID, start by calling the ACOL Client Support Centre at 1-888-624-2265 to request your Information Kit by mail, or simply download the pertinent forms and documentation from the ACOL web site at www.acol.ca.

If you are currently an ACOL client and wish to have access privileges extended to the NF PPR, contact the Client Support Centre and request your ACOL Addendum to Client Application and the NF PPR Product Description documents, or obtain them from the ACOL web site.

With the inclusion of
Newfoundland and Labrador
on the ACOL network,
we now have a fully harmonised
Atlantic PPR system
with the four provincial governments
operating within a similar
legislative, technological and
business framework.

Software Availability for New Clients

New clients who have completed and returned their ACOL Client Application and Financial Agreement will receive the ACOL Welcome Package, which includes a welcome letter, user IDs and passwords, a software license, the ACOL Desktop software diskettes and installation instructions. Review all information and install the software on your personal computer.

Software Availability for Existing Clients

Existing clients who have returned their ACOL Addendum to Client Application will be given access to the new NF PPR. Access to the ACOL administration functions and to the Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick personal property registries will continue.

November 23 to December 9

During the "pre-live" period of November 23 to December 9, temporary access to the NF PPR will be available through ACOL. This will be a period when administrative ACOL and NF PPR functions can be performed. It will also be a period when test registrations and other functions can be performed in the NF registry. Since the legislation will not be effective during this period, these temporary registrations carry no fee and will be removed from the registry prior to the effective date of the legislation.

The usual access to the Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick PPRs will continue during this period. Since these PPRs are active and supported in legislation, registrations, amendments and discharges will be permanently applied to the appropriate PPR. When performed, these transactions will result in the deduction of the corresponding regulatory fees from your account.

Internet Access Restrictions

Please note that methods of accessing ACOL via the Internet that use address translation are not supported by ACOL. Examples of these methods are cable modems and some high-speed Internet access systems. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ACOL Client Support Centre.

NF PPR Services Providers List

We would like to compile a reference list of individuals or companies that are interested in offering NF PPR services to the citizens and businesses of Newfoundland and Labrador. This list will be available in the registry office in St. John's and published on the ACOL web site. Businesses and members of the public, who are not familiar with the Personal Property Registry or the PPSA, can be directed to this list of PPR services providers.

If you wish to be included on this list, call the ACOL Client Support Centre and provide our representatives with your name and other relevant details.

ACOL Web Site

Among pertinent pages and links about the Newfoundland and Labrador PPR reform project (which can be found via the ACOL Services page), the ACOL web site has a NF PPR schedule page, which is being updated throughout the project implementation process.

We endeavour to maintain the site so that the pages are current and informative. Check in to the News page to find out what is New on this Site.

Mailing List

We strive to provide you with the information you want. To update your record, add a colleague to the mailing list, or unsubscribe, please call the CSC. To speed up this process, you can reference your mailing label number at the time of your request.

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