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NB PPR News 


Issue 3April 1999

News About the Personal Property Conversion Project

This issue of the NB PPR News confirms the live date of the new New Brunswick Personal Property Registry (NB PPR) system and highlights some of the activities leading up to this important date.

NB PPR Live Date

The official live date and start of operations under the new ACOL NB PPR system is April 26, 1999. Commencing on this date, ACOL clients with the appropriate user privileges can access the Personal Property Registries of three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

NB PPR Pre-Live Period

During the period March 24, 1999 to April 21, 1999 access to the ACOL NB PPR system is available on-line for administrative set-up and for learning purposes. ACOL clients with a user ID and ACOL Desktop software can connect to ACOL through your Internet service provider to perform ACOL administrative functions (real) and NB PPR administrative functions (real). This is also a period when test registrations and searches can be performed in the NB registry.


Conversion to the full live system will occur between 5:00 p.m. Thursday, April 22, 1999 and Monday, April 26, 1999. During this period the NB PPR pre-live system will be off-line until the new system is available for legal NB PPR functions, replacing the current system (ACCESS). Registrations in the ACCESS system will all be converted thereby providing a seamless transition to the new system while maintaining the integrity and security of the registrations. On the first business day of the new live system, registrations prepared in the former ACCESS system will be available through the ACOL NB PPR system to all ACOL clients with user privileges.

Access to the NB PPR

You must establish an ACOL client account to gain access to the NB PPR. ACOL Information Kits with NB PPR content and client application forms are available from the ACOL Client Support Centre and Registry and Mapping offices in New Brunswick, and electronically on the ACOL web site.

Software Availability for New Clients

New clients who have completed and returned their ACOL Client Application and ACOL Financial Agreement forms will receive the ACOL Welcome Package that includes a welcome letter, user IDs and passwords, a software license, installation instructions and the ACOL Desktop software diskettes. Review all information and install the software on your personal computer.

Software Availability for Existing Clients

Existing clients who have returned their ACOL Addendum to Client Application will be given temporary access to the NB PPR commencing March 24, 1999 with on-going access following the live date.

Access to the NB PPR for Non-ACOL clients

It is expected that most usage of the new PPR will be completed remotely. For the convenience of non-ACOL clients, terminals located in the Registry and Mapping offices are ACOL-ready and are available for public access. A complete list of locations is available on the ACOL web site or from the ACOL Client Support Centre.

Secured Party Numbers of Current NB PPRS Users

If you have one or more Secured Party Number(s) in the current New Brunswick PPR system that you want to continue to use after conversion to the ACOL NB PPR, contact ACOL at 1-888-624-ACOL (2265).

All existing Secured Party Numbers will be maintained in the New Brunswick PPR; however, these Secured Party Numbers will be "inactive" until you designate a valid ACOL user who will act as the Secured Party Number Administrator. This will ensure that Secured Party Numbers are properly managed and that Notices to Secured Party are directed to the correct ACOL user.

In addition, new secured party numbers may be created on the ACOL system. Simply have your secured party administrator complete the creation of any additional Secured Party Numbers required for use in New Brunswick registrations. This action is performed by Secured Party Administrators using the function "Create New Secured Party Number".

ACOL Web Site

The ACOL web site is bilingual! Just choose which official language you want to use to navigate the site when you first enter, and - voilà.

Among pertinent pages and links about the New Brunswick PPR transition project (which can be found via the ACOL Services page), the ACOL web site has a NB PPR schedule page, which is being updated throughout the project implementation process.

We endeavour to maintain the site so that the pages are current and informative. Check in to the Newspage to find out what is New on this Site.

Keeping in Touch

For information please contact:

ACOL Client Support Centre:1-888-624-2265
ACOL World Wide Web site:http://www.acol.ca

In addition, NB PPR specific information can be obtained:

By mail:Deputy Registrar
Personal Property Registry
Service New Brunswick
985 College Hill Road
P.O. Box 1998
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5G4
By phone:(506) 444-5510
By e-mail:PAR@gov.nb.ca

* ACOL and Atlantic Canada On-Line are registered official marks of the Provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.