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The following topics outline how to use the Driver Insurance Abstract Service.

Type in your user ID and password (that were included in your welcome package) using upper case in the space provided. Click on the "Submit Login" button.

If you make an error, click on the "Reset" button to clear the boxes and start again (this applies to all instances of the "Reset" button).

You are then prompted to select one of the available the DIAS business functions from which you select the specific "NB Driver Insurance Abstract Service" or the "NS Driver Insurance Abstract Service" link.

To request a driver abstract, type in the complete driver license number, along with the date of birth, in the boxes provided on the query screen and click on the "Perform Query" button.

The next screen is called "Driver Insurance Abstract - Results". If the result is a match, then you will be presented with the following data: driver license number; licence status; surname; given names; licence class; expiry date; and licence conditions. These are followed by particulars of suspensions, convictions and accidents, if applicable.

If the result is that there is no match, then you will be presented with a statement to that effect.

If there is a problem with the query or the network, an error message will be displayed describing the circumstances.

Each of these results screens includes a "Perform Another Query" button below the result. Click on this button if you want to request another abstract (see step "Request an abstract").

Other links provided on these screens in the left-hand navigation bar are "Return to Session Main Menu" (to go back to the secondary logon screen from where you selected the "Driver Insurance Abstract Service" link) and "Return to Application Main Menu" (to go back to the tertiary logon screen from where you selected the business function "NB Driver Insurance Abstract Service" link) "NS Driver Insurance Abstract Service" link).

Printing driver abstracts is done the same way you would print any web page -- use the print command according to the particulars of your web browser. For best results, set the page orientation to landscape.

Once you have logged in, you can log off from any of the previous screens. To log off, select the "Logoff" link in the left-hand navigation bar.

The next screen is called "Driver Insurance Abstract - Logout". You are then no longer logged into the NB or the NS  DIA service.