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Do you have a Nova Scotia Judgment Client Account?

View and change user information, including how to add, change or delete a user.
Account setup
View and change your account information, including how to add a PPR database.
PPR settings
Change the PPR settings for your account, such as your PPRS Administrative User or Secured Party Numbers.
Login help
Help with addressing and avoiding user login problems.
Account funds
View your account balance and account activity. Deposit funds to your account.
Account support
Investigate or report a problem with your account.
Account Application Instructions
We'll take you to the PPRS Sign Up page. You can learn more about ACOL PPRS client accounts and how to apply for one.
ACOL PPRS Information Kit files
If you know the guide or form that you need, view or download it here.
Client Account Change Request
A guide to making account changes such as updating account information, adding or deleting users, closing your account and other changes.