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Most PPRS functions are accessible to authorized users only.  The Lien Check Service is an exception. Lien Check provides access for anyone to perform a search for serial numbered goods -- a car, trailer, mobile home, airplane, boat or outboard motor -- by paying with a credit card.

PPRS registration, search and administrative functions are summarized below.

If you are a PPRS user the following functions may or may not appear in your application menu depending upon your access privileges.

Registration functions (adding a record to the PPR):

  • Enter a Registration: create a new, original registration.
  • Renew: extend the term of an existing registration (changes the Expiry Date).
  • Amendment: change an existing registration's details (all editable values other than the Expiry Date).
  • Discharge: mark a registration as no longer active (total discharge).
  • Re-registration: re-activate a registration that has been discharged or lapsed for less than 30 days.
  • Global Change of Registered Interest: update or replace the secured party information for all registrations containing the designated Secured Party Number.

Search functions (querying the PPR in order to identify and read records):

  • Search by Serial Number (for serial numbered collateral).
  • Search by Individual Debtor Name (for a person).
  • Search by Enterprise Debtor Name (for a corporation, business, company, association, trust, etc.).
  • Search by Registration Number (for an existing registration).

Administrative and support functions (functions to help users perform registrations, access their reports and manage their client accounts and users):

  • ACOL PPRS Batch Mode: perform multiple registrations and searches via a high-volume interface.
  • Create, Update, or View Secured Party Number (records used to help enter registrations).
  • Create, Update, or View PPR Client Information (records used to identify the person who performed a registration).
  • Retrieve Reports: a list of PPRS reports which may be viewed, saved (downloaded) or printed.
  • ACOL Client Services: a set of functions for managing client accounts and users.

For a more detailed description of ACOL PPRS functions see the online help pages as follows: