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PPRS registration types are one of the ways to distinguish between groups of security interests.  The registration type is a classification selected by the person entering the registration.  The registration details vary by registration type, for example: some registration types do not require entry of court information, but some do.

The most common registration type in PPRS is the PPSA Financing Statement. This is the registration type that would be used for the consumer and business financing examples described under "Security Interests".  The PPSA Financing Statement is also the only registration type that occurs in all six ACOL PPRS jurisdictions.  Other registration types vary according to the jurisdiction’s PPSA Regulations.  Within PPRS, you can see the list of registration types for each jurisdiction on the first page of the Enter a Registration function.

Here are some possible PPR registrations that are examples of security interests not related directly to financing.  These may or may not apply within a jurisdiction depending upon its PPSA and the supported registration types.

  • An individual or company receives a court judgment awarding payment of money.  The court judgment will typically define a specific amount to be paid, but the security interest may be defined very generally, for example: "all present and after-acquired personal property"
  • A court orders one party to pay money to another party.
  • A statute (law) establishes that if an obligation is not fulfilled, one party may take a security interest in the property of another party.

To see a full list of registration types for each ACOL PPRS jurisdiction, see the Registration Types page in PPRS online help (opens in new tab).