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In addition to ACOL account information, your organization's name and contact information are stored in each of the provincial and territorial Personal Property Registries (PPR) where you perform registrations. These PPR records are called "PPR Client Information".  They identify the party who performed the registration (Registrant).

PPR Client Information records are created via the PPRS administration function Create PPR Client Information and are changed via the function Update PPR Client Information. Updating your ACOL account information via a Client Account Change Request form or Client Application Addendum does NOT result in change to your PPR Client Information.

Your PPR Client Information may differ from your ACOL account information. For example, though you list a single office location for ACOL, for PPR Client Information you may want to provide an office location and contact person specific to each jurisdiction.

PPR Administrative User is required

Only the person within your account who is designated as the PPR Administrative User is authorized to perform the Create PPR Client Information and Update PPR Client Information functions. If you need assistance identifying the PPR Administrative User within your account, please contact the Client Support Centre.