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Lien Check Service Refund Request

If you have had a problem with the Lien Check Service that you believe warrants a refund of one or more credit card charges, please contact the ACOL Client Support Centre.

Make your request

The Client Support Centre agent will ask you for the following information.

  • The transaction number, if available -- this value appears in the top right corner of your Lien Check Search Result Report and within your email receipt.
  • If you did not receive a Lien Check Search Result Report or an email receipt, then:
    • The approximate time you were using Lien Check.
    • The search criteria (serial number) that you specified.
  • A general description of what happened.

Client Support Centre staff will investigate and call you back

Client Support Centre staff will record and investigate your request, including the following steps:

1. Determine if your credit card was charged or not, and, if so, the number and cost of credit card charges.

2. Determine if a system error occurred. If so, Client Support Centre staff are authorized to approve your refund request. If not, Client Support Centre staff must refer refund requests to government representatives for approval.

3. If applicable, submit the refund request for government approval on your behalf.

4.  If the refund request is approved, then the CSC will either cancel the credit card charge (if it has not yet been applied to your account) or apply a credit to your credit card account for the same amount as the charge(s).

5.  When the investigation is completed -- both for approved and rejected refund requests -- the Client Support Centre will contact you by telephone or email. 

How long will the refund request take?

If your credit card was not charged or if a system error occurred, the Client Support Centre will often resolve your request very quickly. For example, the agent may have an answer while you are on the telephone or within one day.

If your refund request must be submitted to government representatives for approval, then the government's decision make take a week or more.  Please do not attempt to contact government directly. The Client Support Centre will follow up with government representatives as required.