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An ACOL client account can include one or more users.  Each user is uniquely identified by the User ID.

There are three options for adding someone new to your ACOL client account:

  1. Reassign an existing, unused User ID:  If you have a User ID that is currently not being used, you may reassign it to a someone new. Use the function ACS User Information in order to enter the new user's name and contact information. Then use the function ACS Change Another User's Password in order to create a password that you can provide to the new user. The user will be forced to change their password immediately after logging in.
  2. Prepare and submit a Client Account Change Request: This multi-purpose form is effective for adding one or more users with simple access privileges.  If you are adding many users or if some have advanced access privileges, we recommend you use option 3 below.
  3. Prepare and submit a Client Application Addendum (PPR) or Client Application Addendum (DIAS). This multi-purpose form is effective for adding multiple users, including when one or more of the users will be assigned advanced access privileges.