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Designate your payment preferences for your initial deposit (minimum $100.00) plus subsequent payments.  If applicable, it includes banking information.

You will need the following:

  1. Download or open a copy of the ACOL Financial Agreement


Initial Deposit Amount

The Initial Deposit ($100.00 minimum) is required in order to establish an account with ACOL. Any larger sum, based on subsequent usage, is acceptable. Please specify the amount you wish to submit as an Initial Deposit.

PPR Low Balance Alert

Low Balance Alert will be used by the system to help you maintain your ACOL account in positive balance. The system will alert you when your ACOL account balance falls to $50.00 unless you specify a different amount. The alert message is a warning statement that will appear on the main PPRS page to advise you that the funds in your ACOL account are low and that you should takes steps to deposit further funds in your account. If you have selected the payment option of Electronic Funds Transfer the system will automatically make the deposit for you based on the criteria you have specified in the Electronic Funds Transfer payment plan option. All other payment options require you to initiate the action to make the deposit.

Payment Preference and Options

ACOL has several methods of accepting payment, both initially and for subsequent payments. The table on page 2 asks you to indicate which method you prefer.

The Electronic Funds Transfer Option (Recommended)

Can be used for an initial payment as well as subsequent payments.

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option ensures that your account will always have funds in it and therefore will ensure that access to the ACOL Service will not be denied due to lack of funds in your account. During the day as you are processing transactions the system will automatically top up your account to the maximum amount specified by you or by the maximum transfer amount whichever is the lesser, if your account balance falls below zero. Additionally at night the system checks to see if your balance at the end of the day is below the Minimum Balance specified by you and if so will trigger an EFT to top up your account. Please note that the minimum amount that can be transferred by an EFT is $25.00.

The Maximum Transfer Amount is the upper limit of funds that can be transferred from your bank account by an EFT at any one time.

The Top up Account Amount is the maximum $$ amount to which your ACOL Client account will be reset.

The Minimum Balance Amount will tell the Business Financial Office at what level an automatic EFT will be triggered to restore your account balance to the maximum level during the nightly check.


Maximum transfer amount                            $500

Top up Account to a maximum of               $600

Minimum Balance amount                             $50

In this example, if the account balance drops below zero during the day, for example to -$20 due to a transaction, an EFT will be triggered for a maximum of $500 to top up the account. The most that can be in the account at any one time is $600. In this case the account balance would be $480 ($500 EFT less -$20 balance). If, during the nightly check, the balance in the account was below $50 due to further transaction processing, another EFT would be triggered to top up the account.

Financial Institution Information—Please provide the financial institution name and address, institution number, branch number and bank account number from which the funds are to be transferred. A voided cheque to insure accurate reporting should be enclosed.

The Signature of the authorizing officer for EFT is also required.

The Electronic Cheque Option (Recommended alternative to EFT)

The Electronic Cheque option may not be used for the initial payment.

The ACOL system provides an on-line cheque, which can be filled out just like a paper cheque. You can require up to two approvals before the electronic cheque is sent and the funds are deducted from the specified bank account and added to your ACOL account. The Low Balance Alert warning message will be displayed at log-in to notify you that your ACOL account balance is below the specified amount and you should take steps to deposit further funds in your account. Any unsigned Electronic Cheques remaining in the system at the close of business for the day will be deleted and will not be applied to your account. You will need to initiate another Electronic Cheque.

The Maximum Cheque Amount is the top limit for which you want an Electronic Cheque to be written.

Financial Institution Information per EFT option above.

Designated Cheque Signers—You also identify which individuals in your organization are permitted to sign Electronic Cheques. If more than two individuals have signing authority please append a list of additional names. Within the group of authorized signers any one or two electronic signatures are required to execute an Electronic Cheque unless otherwise specified by you. Please indicate on the agreement if you require one or two signer execution rights.

Changes to Financial Institution Information

Please notify us of any changes to your Financial Institution information. Allow three weeks for changes to be implemented. ACOL will charge for cheques and EFT transfers that are returned due to NSF. The current rate is $20.00 per returned item.

Cheque or Money Order Option

This option can be used for the initial deposit and as a method for submitting subsequent payments.

A personal or corporate cheque or money order made payable to Unisys Canada Inc. must be included with the completed Financial Agreement and sent to Unisys Canada Inc., 350-7105 Chebucto Rd., Halifax NS B3L 4W8. This option cannot automatically make additional payments to your ACOL account; additional cheques will be required. The Low Balance Alert warning message will be displayed at log-in to notify you that your ACOL account balance is below the specified amount and you should take steps to deposit further funds in your account.

Direct Deposit Option

If the Direct Deposit option has been selected for subsequent top up of your account, the Business Financial Office will contact you regarding the process required to send deposits directly to the ACOL financial institution.

Client Signature

Both the Client Application and the Financial Agreement must be signed and forwarded to Unisys in duplicate. An accepted copy of the Client Application and Financial Agreement will be returned with the necessary access information once your ACOL account has been established.

Thanks again for your interest in ACOL! We look forward to providing you with our ACOL service. Remember, if you have any questions, please call the Client Support Centre at 1-855-324-ACOL (2265).