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There are four ways that you can access PPRS:

Lien Check Service -- Anyone with an Internet connection and a valid credit card can use the Lien Check Service to search for serial numbered goods, such as a motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home, boat, plane or outboard motor.

ACOL Client Account -- With the exception of the Lien Check Service, you will need an ACOL client account in order to use ACOL PPRS.  There can be multiple users within your account. Each user will have a user ID and password in order to login to PPRS and perform registrations and searches.

Value-added Service Provider -- If you do not wish to set up an ACOL account, there are also value-added service providers who are available to perform registrations and searches for you.  Value-added service providers may also offer additional assistance in order to help you register or search correctly.

Government Registry Office -- In Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, you are able to access PPRS at designated government registry offices. These are services for walk-in customers only -- no mail or electronic requests are accepted.  See the jurisdiction's page for more information on locations and operating hours.