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Total Active Registrations
Date total was capturedNBNLNSNTNUPE



Registration and Search Transaction Volumes Apr 01, 2007 to Mar 31, 2008  
Registration Actions131,51781,804144,1489,1591,49521,602389,725
 Global Change0000000
 Registration (New)79,43753,96688,3725,26395412,808240,800
 Search by Enterprise Debtor16,5629,91923,5003,4621,9696,07961,491
 Search by Individual Debtor11,3757,23813,6255807092,69736,224
 Search by Reg Number60514950645111411,457
 Search by Serial Num Coll21,5117,52621,2012,3243852,61055,557
  PPRS Srch Ser#19,1877,08018,5532,2413802,46349,904
  Lien Check2,3244462,6488351475,653
Term in Years       
 Avg Registration Term4.994.954.934.805.025.164.96


1. PPRS Srch Ser# for NB does not include transactions through the NB Vehicle History Information service.



Registration Contents  Apr 01, 2007 to Mar 31, 2008
This table reports the percentage of new registrations containing at least one of the listed registration elements.
1. Registration volumes listed below are not adjusted for registrations whose charges were reversed due to a system or user error (e.g. duplicate registration).
2. The figure for "% containing Additional Information" reported for the 2006-07 fiscal year was reported incorrectly (too high).
Total registration volume   79,445    53,981    88,384       5,263          954    12,809          240,836
% containing Enterprise Debtor15.513.016.523.232.723.015.9
% containing Individual Debtor88.
% containing Serial Numbered Collateral88.592.086.780.776.481.288.0
% containing General Collateral36.535.536.238.542.847.036.8
% containing Additional Information3.