Nova Scotia Electronic Driver Insurance Abstract Service

Bulletin – September 2004

The Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations - Registry of Motor Vehicles has recently made some minor enhancements to our electronic Driver Insurance Abstract service. The enhancements mainly concern maintenance changes to existing electronic abstract functionality, but also include changes we have made in response to client requests from insurance companies who use the service.

Suspension Re-instatement Information

Improved level of information is now provided for suspension records, including indication of suspension re-instatements and date of re-instatement where applicable.

Traffic Accident Description Detail

Additional detail in descriptions for traffic accident information which will reveal more complete information regarding city and county location of the accident, where available.

Conviction Description Detail

Additional detail in descriptions for out of province convictions which should assist in the identification of motor vehicle act violations in non-NS jurisdictions for NS drivers

Date First Licensed

The date an individual was first licensed as a driver by the Registry of Motor Vehicles is now provided for drivers licensed after 1989. No indication is provided for drivers licensed before 1989. In addition, it should be noted that drivers who subsequently let their license lapse and then re-apply for licensed status will have their original date of license reflected on the electronic driver insurance abstract


Note 1:

The above changes may not be immediately available  to insurance companies who obtain their Driver Insurance Abstracts through CGI. Further enhancements are planned by CGI to extend these changes to their various clients. Further information is available from John McNally, Insurance Information Services, CGI at (905) 771-5350

Note 2:

The above changes affect only the electronic Driver Insurance Abstract service. No changes have been made to the driver insurance abstracts made available from Registry of Motor Vehicle offices. If you require additional detail regarding the above changes, please contact Steven Feindel, Director e-Service, Service Nova Scotia at feindesj@gov.ns.ca or (902) 424-22