After we review and approve your application, we create your new client account and user IDs.  We then send you an ACOL Welcome Package that includes a welcome letter, signed copies of your agreements, your account number, and user IDs and passwords to access the system.

You will need the following:

  1. You will receive by surface mail an ACOL Welcome Kit


Your ACOL Welcome Kit will provide you with all that you need for you and your users to begin using ACOL DIAS.

Welcome Letter

A cover letter will confirm acceptance of you application, including providing your ACOL client account number.

Signed Agreements

A copy of your ACOL Client Application and ACOL Financial Agreement will be returned to you. These copies will include signatures by Unisys Canada Inc., including on behalf of the jurisdictions of the selected Driver Insurance Abstract databases.

Account Number

Your account number is your account's unique identifier.  It is not required in order to login, but will often be requested when you contact the Client Support Centre or ACOL Business Financial Office.

User IDs and Passwords

For each user that you requested be created, we will provide a one-page letter with the user ID, initial password, and a summary of the terms and conditions for access.  Because the terms and conditions apply to all users, we encourage you to provide these letters to your users to assist in informing them of their responsibilties.

User Password

The first time a user logs on, they will enter the initial password at the password prompt. The user is then immediately prompted to enter his or her own unique password. Create a new password using the rules and tips below:

  • Create a password of between 8 and 32 characters.
  • The password must include at least one numeric character, one upper case letter and one lower case letter.
  • Common dictionary words are not acceptable to the system.
  • Avoid using names, nicknames, telephone numbers, birth dates or passwords of all the same character.
  • Special characters will not be accepted by the system.

Learn More

As new users, we encourage you to learn more about using ACOL DIAS.  Please see our DIAS Support topics.