Provide your name, contact information, the services that you want to access, and initial users.  If required, you can add services or users later.

You will need the following:

  1. Download or open a copy of the ACOL DIAS Client Application form
  2. View a list of ACOL Business Activity Codes


Company Contact Information

Print or type your name or company name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and fax number where indicated.

Business Activity Code

The Business Activity Code is required for ACOL Client demographic information purposes only. Please use the ACOL Business Activity Code list to select the type of business or service code that best fits the activity your organization provides.

Financial and Technical Contacts

ACOL needs to know and be able to contact certain individuals within your organization in the event there is a question concerning signed Agreements, Financial matters, or Technical issues. Please identify the individual ACOL should contact about the Business or Financial issues for your organization and your Client Account. Please identify the individual ACOL should contact about Technical matters concerning connectivity issues relating to your organization and your Client account.

Client Verification Word

The Client Verification Word is an additional security measure when calling ACOL in regards to your account information. The caller will be asked for the Verification Word by ACOL staff to identify that the caller has the  authority to make a request about your account. No restrictions are placed on this word except that it must be twenty characters or fewer.

Database Selection

Please select the Driver Insurance Abstract Database(s) for which the application is being made.

User IDs and Authority Level

In order to access a Database(s), each user requires a user ID and password. To establish user IDs, ACOL needs to know the user’s name and authority level for each person from your organization that you wish to have authorized access to ACOL and its product offerings through your Client account. Basic users can change their password. Prime users have access to all administrative functions which include change password, account status, update account, user information, update user information, and reporting.

Client Signature

After reviewing and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be asked to sign two copies of this Client Application. When accepted we will return the signed and accepted second copy to you for your files.