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As a Searcher of a Personal Property Registry, you should be aware of the following:

1. You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information you include in your search criteria. PPSA legislation and regulations define what information registrants must enter depending upon the purpose of the registration (that is, depending upon the circumstances that gave rise to the registered security interest) and the type of search being performed. Most importantly, this means that you are responsible for determining the appropriate debtor name(s), serial number(s), and registration number(s) to be used as your search criteria.

2. You are responsible for qualifying whether any exact and close matches (registrations) are related to the person, organization or collateral of interest to you. Some searches may return a very large number of registrations of possible interest. Facilities are provided to view and save (include in the Search Result Report) registration details. In addition, PPSA legislation and regulations address accessing security agreements held by secured parties listed in the registration.

3. A search match list is current to the date and time at which the search is successfully completed at the provincial/territorial PPR database, not the time at which the Search Result Report is generated. The search date and time for each province/territory searched are listed in the Search Result Report.

4. You are advised to request a Search Result Report and confirm that you have received the entire report. You will be charged for the cost of a search regardless of whether you request a Search Result Report or not.

5. PPRS maintains a permanent copy of every search result report created to deter attempts to misrepresent the contents or operational accuracy of the Registry.