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You are responsible for implementing and maintaining effective protection for your ACOL client account information, including for user access privileges and user login credentials.

Your ACOL client account information includes company contact information and identification of key technical and financial contact persons.  This information should be checked periodically to ensure that it remains complete and accurate. Contact us if information must be updated.  Click here to learn how to review your client account information.

Your ACOL client account may include one or more users, each with its own access privileges and login credentials (user ID and password). You are responsible for managing your users, including:

  • One user within your account is designated as the Prime Administrative User.  This person has the authority to update the user name, to grant and revoke other users' access, and to change their passwords.  The Prime Administrative User privileges should be assigned acccordingly and should be re-assigned if you have a change in personnel or their roles.
  • You should have one user (user ID) per person in your organization who uses PPRS. Multiple people should not share a single user ID and password.
  • You should ensure that your users protect their user IDs and passwords from accidental or malicious misuse.  This includes not sharing their password with other people and not writing the password in a location accessible to other people.
  • You should monitor the activity on your account.  Click here to learn how to use the ACOL Account Statement.