The Personal Property Registry System (PPRS) and ACOL Client Services applications were updated on March 12, 2017.

PPRS updates will improve system and software infrastructure with minimal functional changes.

ACOL Client Services will be updated, including:

  • The base URL for the application will change from to  Any bookmarks that you have to ACOL Client Services pages will need to be updated.

  • Login rules for PPRS and ACOL Client Services will change. If you are logged into one you can still switch to the other without logging in a second time; however, if you open an additional tab or window you may be prompted to login again.

  • The presentation will be refreshed, including the page heading, menus, layout, colours and fonts.

  • Some error and warning message text will be revised.

If you experience any issues, or have any questions or comments, please call the Client Support Centre at 1-855-324-ACOL (2265).