Being Ready for Yukon PPR Live

New and existing ACOL clients who will be using PPRS to perform registrations in Yukon are advised to complete the following steps during the current "pre-live" period, prior to transition of the Yukon Personal Property Registry to ACOL PPRS.


  1. Establish an ACOL client account. Visit ACOL PPRS Sign Up or contact the ACOL Client Support Centre for more information.
  2. Confirm you have adequate funds in your ACOL account to pay for your anticipated transactions. An account administrative user may view the account balance using the Account Status function.
  3. Have every ACOL user (i.e. using every user ID for your account) logon to PPRS and perform the "change password" operation required for all new users. (If a user has already logged on and changed the password prior to this notice, there is no need to logon again.)


  1. To apply for Yukon PPR access, complete the ACOL Addendum to Client Application and return it to ACOL. Visit PPRS Account and Administration Settings or contact the ACOL Client Support Centre for more information.
  2. Complete the entry of PPR Client Information for Yukon for your client account. Your PPR Administrative User can do this via the Create PPR Client Information function.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: PPR Client Information is province/territory-specific and the ability to create this information is controlled by user access privileges. Entry of PPR Client Information for one or more other ACOL PPRS jurisdictions will not permit you to perform registrations in Yukon. If your PPR Administrative User does not have access to the Create PPR Client Information function, and you need to perform registrations in Yukon, contact the ACOL Business Financial Office.
  3. If you have one or more Secured Party Numbers in the current Yukon PPR, which you want to continue to use after transition to ACOL PPRS, contact the ACOL Client Support Centre. All existing Secured Party Numbers will be maintained in the Yukon PPR; however, these Secured Party Numbers will be "inactive" until you designate a valid user who will act as the Secured Party Number Administrator. This will ensure that Secured Party Numbers are properly managed and that Notices to Secured Party are directed to the correct user.
  4. Complete the creation of any additional Secured Party Numbers required for use in Yukon registrations. This action is performed by Secured Party Administrators using the Create Secured Party Number function.
  5. Perform at least one sample registration and search in Yukon. Remember that the current pre-live period is your last chance to try these functions free of charge prior to the Yukon PPR transitioning to ACOL PPRS.