On May 15, 2016, the ACOL PPRS service will have the following functional updates:

  • Warning message when a user is not associated with a registration
    • When doing a registration change action - amend, renew, discharge, re-register - a user whose Client ID is not associated with the registration will see a warning message displayed at the top of the page.
    • This warning message is intended to help prevent accidental changes to the wrong registration, such as discharging a registration that you did not create. The message is only a warning; it will not prevent the user from completing the registration change.
    • A Client ID is associated with a registration if any user within that Client ID has previously entered or changed the registration, or if any of the Secured Party Numbers used within the registration are administered by [a user of] the Client ID.
  • Your File Number length increased to 20 characters
    • The length of the field ‘Your File Number’ will be increased to 20 characters.
  • Cross-Reference Registration Number and new Search ID on Account Statement
    • The Account Statement has been updated with a new field called Service Reference.
    • This field will show the Registration Number for registration action transactions.
    • This field will show a new value called Search ID for searches.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Client Support Centre at 1-855-324-ACOL (2265).