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An ACOL account statement can be saved as comma-separated values (CSV) and then loaded into most spreadsheet programs.

  1. In the ACS Account Statement request page, set the format to CSV (comma-separated values).
  2. Save the CSV file to your computer or network.
  3. Use your preferred spreadsheet program to open the CSV file.
  4. The spreadsheet program should recognize the data and automatically load it into columns and rows.
  5. If the spreadsheet program does not automatically load the data, use the spreadsheet program's "import" or "file import" function and specify that the file type is "CSV".

For additional information on Account Statements, see the introductory information below:

An account statement is a report on ACOL financial and transaction activity.  The report is available either as PDF or a comma-delimited file suitable for loading into a spreadsheet.

All users: The account statement requires that you be a Contact (administrative) user.  Basic users will not see the Account Statement function listed within the ACOL Client Services menu.

Contact (administrative) users: You can request an account statement via ACS Account Statement.  You have multiple reporting options, including selecting transactions to be reported on by date range, user ID and ACOL Reference.