Secured Party Number

Within PPRS, a number issued by a province/territory to a client to represent the client's name and address for purposes of registering an interest in the province's/territory's PPR.

Additional Information:

Within PPRS, a secured party number can be specified by any user when entering (new) or amending a registration instead of typing the name, address and contact information for a secured party. This use of a secured party number is always optional.

Use of a secured party number in a registration (i.e. instead of typing the name, address, email address, and contact information) impacts how the secured party will receive its Notice to Secured Party in the event of a change to the registration.

Email Address information is only displayed to registrants, whether registering, amending, discharging, re-registering, or renewing. The email information does not appear on Search Result Reports or Notice to Secured Party reports.