IP addresses for ACOL websites will be changing on September 28, 2014. This will be seamless for most users since the web site names and URLs will NOT change.

However, any firewall rules restricting access to specific IP addresses will require the new IP addresses be added. We recommend the current IP addresses also be kept in place as they will be used at times to support the services.


Also, although unlikely, if anyone accesses these web sites by IP address we recommend they begin using the web site name immediately. Otherwise, they should begin using the new IP address on the migration date.

ACOL services will begin using the new IP addresses indicated below on the migration date:

Service NameWeb Site NameCurrent IP AddressNew IP Address
Driver’s Insurance Abstractdias.acol.ca142.176.2.23142.176.1.13
Change of addressisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Fine Paymentsisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Knowledge Test and Road Testisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Life Event Bundlingisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Municipal Fine Paymentsisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Online Vehicle Plate Renewalsisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Vital Statisticsisd.acol.ca142.176.2.27142.176.1.17
Nova Scotia Government Online Storensgos.acol.ca142.176.2.37142.176.1.23
Generic Payment Servicespayments.acol.ca142.176.2.32142.176.1.21
Personal Property Registry Systempprs.acol.ca142.176.2.29142.176.1.19
Lien Checkpprs.acol.ca142.176.2.29142.176.1.19
ACOL Web Sitewww.acol.ca142.176.2.20142.176.1.10