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Why should Javascript be enabled in my web browser when I'm using the Driver Insurance Abstract Service (DIAS)?

The Driver Insurance Abstract Service (DIAS) works just fine without having Javascript enabled, but it could take you longer to do your searches. With Javascript enabled, when you enter data that is not properly formatted (e.g. not enough characters for a given field), you will receive immediately a pop-up message indicating the data entry mistake. This gives you the chance to correct the mistake before submitting your search request. As an added benefit, it allows for colours to be properly displayed, which makes for a more æsthetically-pleasing interface.

To turn on Javascript in a Netscape browser: choose "Preferences" under the Edit menu; select the "Advanced" properties; and ensure that Java and JavaScript are both on. If you are using an Internet Explorer browser: choose "Internet Options" under the View menu; under the "Security" tab, choose Custom; then press the "Settings" button; scroll to find "Scripting"; and ensure that "Active scripting" is enabled.

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How do I bookmark the Driver Insurance Abstract Service menu page? A shortcut to the web page that has the service access and any notices would be great, but the bookmark opens to the ACOL home page instead.

To bookmark the menu page, use the right mouse click feature and select "Add to Favourites..." in Microsoft Internet Explorer or "Add Bookmark..." in Netscape Navigator. This will bookmark the menu page, but note that the left-hand navigation frame will not appear.

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Is it possible to obtain the application so that our company may access all Atlantic Canada registries to perform personal property security searches and registrations?

The ACOL Information Kit contains all the documents required to set-up access to the Personal Property Registries of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island (as well as the Northwest Territories and Nunavut). It is available on the ACOL web site (see > About ACOL > ACOL Information Kit), complete with instructions, for your immediate access, starting with the PPR introductory letter.

The PPR Information Kit in hardcopy format is also available by requesting it from the ACOL Client Support Centre at 1-855-324-2265.

Please follow the instructions provided in the Information Kit. As a new client, and assuming you obtain the documents from the web site, you will need to print the ACOL Client Application and the ACOL Financial Agreement. The other documents in the ACOL Information Kit contain pertinent information, but hardcopies of these documents are not necessary for the application process. For more information on specific services, refer to the "ACOL Services" section also on the web site.

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I want to find the registered owner of a property in Nova Scotia. Do you do individual searches? Or is there another agency I contact?

Real property information is currently not available through ACOL (although Personal Property Registries are).

In Nova Scotia, for example, the agency you should contact is Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Department at (see "NS Property Information" and "Property Registration") for information on the Property Records Database. Likewise, the departmental counterparts in other provinces and territories would have information on real property or land titles in their own areas.

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How can I verify my driving record?

To use the New Brunswick or Nova Scotia Driver Insurance Abstract Service (DIAS) provided electronically by ACOL, you must have an ACOL account with NB or NS DIAS access privileges. Restricted users of this service are typically insurance agents or brokers, and must be approved for access by New Brunswick and/or Nova Scotia. To acquire an account, follow the ACOL Access Procedures.

Individuals wanting to check their own Driver Records Abstracts should refer to the Government of New Brunswick web site or the Government of Nova Scotia web site, or visit their local Motor Vehicles agency for assistance.

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Why did I get the error message "An Error Has Occured: Incorrect service provider code tag"?

This problem occurs after you apply the 832894 security update (MS04-004) or the 821814 hotfix. Programs that use Wininet functions to post data (such as a user name or a password) to a Web server retry the POST request with a blank header if the Web server closes (or resets) the initial connection request. For the resolution, files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Refer to "Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 831167: Wininet retries POST requests with a blank header" for more information.

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